Bullying by Erika DP

Most of us has been bullied. Never been bullied? Lucky you. But don’t say you’re the bully.

Come on now. What’s the point of bullying? It doesn’t make you better, or smarter, or richer. I don’t get why people would mock somebody, laugh then walk away like it’s nothing. I’ve heard lots of stories about people committed suicide because of bullying. And it’s a serious problem. Nothing is funny about bullying.

Words do hurt people. A simple ‘go kill yourself’ can lead to a big, serious problem. Whoa, those words kill. Why bully when you can be friendly? Why hate when you can love? Why mean when you can be nice? Why make war when you can live in peace?

Cyber bullying or real life bullying, they’re just the same. They’re still hurt. Some people bully because they wanna be the ‘king’. They wanna be the boss and be on a higher level than anyone else. Trust me, don’t try too hard to impress people and bring anyone down, because you will never feel happy. I repeat, don’t try too hard to impress people and bring anyone down, because you will never feel happy. You’ll always get worried once someone become or has something better than yours.

Us people need to learn to be thankful and accept the things we already have, than worrying about all the things we don’t have. If we’re actually thankful for every little thing we have, we would be much happier.

Talk about bullying, I personally did get bullied. It was totally horrible, I wanted to die. Sadly, I died. Hahah, just kidding. Sadly, I had too much fear of having enemy. I wanted to be friends with everyone. So instead of being honest about my feelings, I kept it all inside. I heard my friends talked behind my back, laughing about my imperfections. I could scream in front of their faces, but I chose to be quiet. I don’t wanna have any problems. I heard every word they said, but they didn’t know that I heard their conversations. And I pretended that everything was fine. I pretended I didn’t hear them, even though those words killed me so badly. I was 11, and it wasn’t that easy to handle those feelings. I tried my best though.

I got hurt almost everyday at school, and I totally wasn’t being myself. I once tried to be myself, but they would judge me hard and stay away from me. My fear of losing friends was too big. I even forced myself to be friends with those ‘mean girls’, just because I didn’t wanna have any enemy. I hated myself for being too nice to people that don’t deserve to be nice with. Those fake friends would judge every little thing I do, and that made me tired. I became super quite around them and forced myself to shut up unless there are something important to tell.

I was different. I didn’t have any real friends until I was 7th grade. I was the happiest girl in the universe when I moved school. I made some best friends there at my new school, and they would accept me for who I really am. I felt so free.

Looking back at the past made me realise how stupid I was. I didn’t have to be too afraid. I didn’t have to be friends with people I don’t want to be friends with. I didn’t have to force myself. I didn’t have to hide my feelings. I didn’t have to be someone else.

One day I went on twitter and saw some words that sound like “You have haters? Good. It means you stand up for something.” And I finally understand. It’s okay you don’t fit in. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to be hated. It’s okay to be not perfect. It’s okay to be yourself. Because no matter what you do, they’ll still judge you anyway. And since that day, a part of me has changed. I become not afraid to be myself anymore.

If you’re getting bullied, don’t worry. Show them you’re not weak. There are many people from every part of the world are trying to fight back too. We’re together. You’ll always have someone you can share your stories with and ask for help. Every time they knock you down, you choose to stand back up or lying on the ground forever. As cheesy as this sounds, your life depends on you. The end will be good if you never give up.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” x

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